lisasugarbillYou can trust Lisa to guide you through stressful times. Lisa became your Probate Judge in November of 2013, and has already developed a reputation for empathy, fairness and intelligence.

As Probate Judge, Lisa is responsible for deciding cases involving the intellectually disabled, the mentally ill and the bereaved. You want your Judge to understand family dynamics, be educated in the law and pragmatically solve your problems.

Says Lisa Wexler, “I hit the law books every day to learn as much as possible. I regularly consult with judges I respect -both current and retired- to absorb their wisdom. And I bring my own sense of fairness and justice to every proceeding. But I realize now that the most important aspects of life I bring to the bench are my relationships- as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, niece and friend. The essence of administering justice is understanding what other people are enduring, and then bringing society’s expectations to those situations in a way that is kind, productive and fair.”

Lisa has brought our Probate Court into a new era of outreach and education. Lisa writes informative newsletters. Lisa teaches weekly evening seminars on legal topics. Lisa has enabled hearings to be recorded and distributed on CDs for the first time. These efforts have resulted in an outpouring of professional support from the community. New doctors, nurses, social workers and attorneys have offered their expertise to serve the mentally ill and indigent among us.

Lisa is a graduate of the New York University of Law, where she won the American Jurisprudence Award for Excellence in Constitutional Law. Lisa is also a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University.

Active in town for many years, Lisa devoted herself to promoting the advancement of women, erasing the stigma of sexual assault, newborn screening for primary immunodeficiency disease, and educating our kids on the importance of voting. She served with enthusiasm on Westport’s Planning and Zoning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals, striving to protect our neighborhoods and the beauty of our community. Lisa is known for speaking up for the powerless among us.

As your Probate Judge, Lisa has kept her promises. The Westport/Weston Probate Court is accessible. The backlog of cases has been reduced. Lisa lectures all over the district, day and evening, to keep the public informed of their rights. Real Estate matters are now offered on the open market. Conservatorships are not heard unless the proposed conserved person is physically present at the hearing.

You can trust that in your time of need, Lisa Wexler will listen to you.

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