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Why Re-Elect Judge Lisa Wexler?

Judge Lisa Wexler Improved and Enhanced the Westport/Weston Probate Court, Making it More Resident-Friendly

  • Opened the court on Tuesday nights for free public seminars

  • Created a free probate law newsletter

  • Made recorded hearings available on CD, for the first time

  • Appointed non-lawyers as conservators and trustees where possible, reducing costs

  • Conducts hearings at homes of those who cannot travel to court

  • Substantially increased the professionals willing to serve the poor and those with mental illness

  • Lectured at senior centers and is the first probate judge to appear on a panel at Staples HS for parents of special needs students

  • Advocated at the State Capitol in Hartford to restore services for vulnerable populations

You Can Trust That In Your Time of Need, Lisa Will Be There for You.


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