About Probate

What do Connecticut Probate Judges Do?

  1. Process estates, making sure property passes from one person to another

  2. Resolve disputes over estate property

  3. Interpret wills and trusts 

  4. Approve adoptions 

  5. Appoint guardians for intellectually disabled persons

  6. Hear all matters involving mentally ill persons, including involuntary commitments to mental health hospitals

  7. Appoint conservators for mentally ill and infirm persons 

  8. Review reports on those with guardians and conservators

  9. Approve changes of names

  10. Remove parents as guardians in cases of abuse or neglect; appoint other family members as guardians in their stead

  11. Terminate parental rights



The Connecticut Probate Court has a very informative website. 


The site tells you what forms you need, and includes them online. 


The site tells you what fees are charged. 


The site answers many frequently asked questions


Lisa is running to continue as your Probate Judge for the Towns of Westport and Weston (District 50). The election will be held on November 8, 2022. If you have any questions, please If you have any questions, please Contact Lisa directly.